About Elyse

Hi! I’m Elyse, an entrepreneur and personal brand strategist who is obsessed with helping you confidently stand out, be visible in your space and attract your dream clients.

My team and I at Brand Builders Group have helped some of the top entrepreneurs in the world today reach the next level of their personal brands. Our clients include people like Lewis Howes, Kevin Harrington and John Ruhlin.

Whether you’re a big name entrepreneur or just starting out, I absolutely love helping you shine.

Part of why I’m so passionate about this is that for much of my life, I really struggled with visibility and feeling comfortable in my own skin.

I grew up facing crippling insecurities and feeling like I could never get the results I wanted in my life and my business by just being myself.  I tried to transform myself into who I thought I should be to be liked - getting hair extensions, battling a 17 year eating disorder, overspending… you name it, I did it.  On the outside looked like I had it all - I was a partner in an 8 figure business, a healthy six figure income… but on the inside I was so anxious, broken and empty.  I finally got SICK of feeling that way and woke up to the amazing potential that came with just being who I truly was!  

I started shedding the extra layers and showing up more visibly as my true self.  I left behind literally everything (yes, everything!) and went on a journey of self-discovery. I learned that the more true I am to how I was made in the first place, the more I can genuinely connect with people, serve them and get the results I used to have to work SO hard for in my business.Along the way I learned to fiercely love myself, be confident in showing the world who I really was, going after my true desires with a hell-bent fury, and all the while having FUN! 

Today I am SO passionate about helping you do the same thing - get clear on what your uniqueness is and what makes you amazing, showing up powerfully and authentically in the world, build DEEP and meaningful relationships with the clients you serve, and have a blast while you do it. 

My greatest joy is seeing you SHINE, feel amazing about how you are showing up in the world, both online and offline, and attract clients absolutely love working with.

Jason Elyse

Outside of work, I am obsessed with several things:

  • My relationship with God

  • My family

  • Rescue dogs

  • Seltzer water

  • All things personal development, including getting up early to read, journal, meditate and work out

  • Traveling the world with my Mastermind groups

  • Exploring everything that my new city of Atlanta has to offer with my incredible husband Jason, a respiratory therapist and fellow entrepreneur

Oh yes, and coffee. I’m a 4am wake-up call type of girl, and it is my jet fuel. For a wedding gift my dad and stepmom gave me an unlimited Starbucks card (YES!! Dreams do come true). It literally keeps refilling as I use it (!)

While I am aware that I am likely spending away my inheritance on coffee, it’s still one of the best gifts I have ever received.


If any of my mission resonates with you, I would love to meet you and see if I can be of service to you to help you reach the next level of your personal brand.

Simply request a call with me, and let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together!