Instant Impact Podcast Episode 8: The Keys to True Emotional Intelligence with Anne Beaulieu

On today’s episode of Instant Impact with Elyse Archer, Elyse sits down with Anne Beaulieu, the founder of Walking Inside Resources Inc. and Emotional Intelligence coach, keynote speaker, and author of The Emotionally Intelligent Way©, a 20+ books series. Anne is also an Economist and Chartered Financial Analyst. She’s recently agreed to write a 5 paperback series to assist business women make better emotionally intelligent financial decisions.

Anne offers insight into the traumas she endured throughout her childhood and discusses how those experiences paved the way for her to become the powerhouse of a woman that she is today. She goes on to share with us where she found herself as a young woman. She had it all, but felt a disconnect with her emotional self. Anne tells us how she dived into herself -- understanding just who the common denominator was during her experience.

Anne asks three vital questions that can kick-start our road to self-awareness:

  • Am I able?

  • Am I willing?

  • Am I ready?

Elyse and Anne discuss “the pretty shell” that we wear every day, often ignoring our emotional well-being because “things are okay.”

During their discussion, the topic of building relationships arises. Anne explains how important it is to establish a sense of safety to strengthen the foundation of the relationships we keep with the people closest to us. She points out that introspection and feeling safe within ourselves, along with setting personal boundaries, is at the core of our own happiness.

What you’ll learn in this podcast

  • How to improve your Emotional Intelligence

  • How to face, and eventually overcome, disconnections to your emotions

  • How to avoid using habits as a crutch for emotional well-being

  • How to strengthen your relationship with yourself

  • How to establish, build, and cultivate healthy relationships with others through personal boundaries

Special Offers and Helpful Links

Anne was kind enough to offer our listeners a free book by going to her website: and spinning the wheel on the home page.

She also is providing listeners with a chance to win a free one hour coaching session on the topic of your choice.

Elyse Archer