Instant Impact Podcast Episode 7: Building an 8 Figure Network with Brad Weimert

In this episode of Instant Impact with Elyse Archer, Elyse interviews Brad Weimert, an adventurer and entrepreneur who built his brand around the idea that meaningful connections are built and nurtured by unique experiences.

At age 20, Brad was the #1 sales rep in a company of over 30,000. He later founded Easy Pay Direct, the foremost high-volume merchant account provider in the world. However, Brad’s passion goes far beyond his day job.

In 2009, Brad biked from LA to Boston, giving speeches to at-risk youth. More recently, he climbed the height of Everest twice in the space of 36 hours in order to raise money for charity. Today, he curates Unplugged adventures, inviting fellow entrepreneurs to join him in unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that enable deeper connections.  

Brad likes to push the limits of what’s possible, whether that’s mentally, emotionally, or physically. Whether you’re an extreme adventurer like Brad, or “at around 50% on the physical adventurer scale” like Elyse, in this episode, you’ll learn how you can create and leverage unique circumstances that will deepen your relationships. This interview shares event planning ideas, conversation openers, and tips for intentional living that will help you to identify those opportunities for connection and make more meaningful memories.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  1. The two major levers in building relationships quickly: unique experiences and emotional engagement.

  2. What we learn about ourselves and others when we test our endurance levels and push ourselves out of our comfort zones.

  3. How can we set up unique experiences for those within our circles in order to establish bonds and enable moments of connection.

  4. How to open more meaningful conversations that can lead to deeper understanding.

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