How to Communicate Effectively on Video

It can be hard to build up the courage to start doing videos …. So if you’ve already done that, and you’re investing time in creating them but are struggling to get your point across well, it’s doubly frustrating!

Here’s the bigger challenge with not communicating well on video - you’re not memorable.  Someone will watch your video, go “hmm, that was a good point”, and keep moving. They forget you in 5 seconds.  The way to be memorable and REALLY make your mark is to give someone something that changes the way they think or behave as a result of your video.  

There’s an art to this, and in today’s video I share with you one of the best techniques you can use to become a better communicator in your videos so that you truly become indispensable to the people who are watching.

Watch my video now to discover what it is!

Elyse Archer