3 Creative Ways to Use Video to Build Your Brand

Are you ready to elevate your personal brand and be more visible on video?  Then this video was filmed just for you ;-) 

Here are three of my favorite ways to build your personal brand using video:

  1. Create thought leadership videos (you’ll be amazed at how effective these are, and they don’t have to be polished) 

  2. Use video one -to- one for follow up with clients and prospects 

  3. Document what you do every day 

I do a deeper dive into how to do each of these in today’s video.  

Which one are you most excited about implementing in your weekly routine?? 

P.S. Jonathan Mahan is my video success coach at BombBomb who I mentioned in Tip #2… definitely be sure to connect with him if you’re ready to uplevel your video follow up game! 

Click here to check out Jonathan on Linkedin.

Elyse Archer