Instant Impact Podcast Episode 10: Defining Your Innate Value with Traci Philips

On today’s episode of Instant Impact with Elyse Archer, Elyse talks introspection with Traci Philips, a Leadership & Performance Strategist. Traci helps her clients locate and utilize the ‘genius’ in each of them. Through analyzing both verbal and non-verbal language, Traci assists individuals and teams in applying effective tools and approaches to identify core issues and challenges that are blocking desired objectives and outcomes.

As they’re talking, Elyse and Traci discuss how important it is to define what we have to offer, or as Traci calls it, our “unique brilliance.” She mentions how difficult it is to unearth these innate skill-sets from under years upon years of conditioning from the outside world; those thoughts that keep telling us what we should look like professionally. Traci talks about merging this innate skill-set with learned skill-sets in order to reach our fullest potential. She points out that people are well-versed in what they can do, but only based on what they’ve learned. She then pushes us to look for something that a close friend, family member, or co-worker has pointed out about us that may have come as a surprise. Sometimes, she says, we’re so good at a particular innate skill, we don’t notice it.  

Once we’ve gotten a hold of our unique way of doing things we can better utilize and apply it practically. But first, Traci brings up, we need to identify the patterns that can pin us in a negative mindset. These can take the form of belief systems like religion or cultural practices, and can subconsciously limit our successes. That’s where Traci comes in. These limiting beliefs often show up in the language we use. Traci taps into this. It’s called ‘language profiling,’ and some of us do it every day. As Elyse puts it, a spotlight is great, but it can expose those bad habits. For example, think about how many times a day you say “I have to.” Traci suggests changing that to “I get to.” This can help shift our mindset from negative to positive, and in turn, can bring to light a plethora of opportunities we may have missed because we weren’t looking for them—we were stuck in looking for the negative. Once we’re focused on what we want, it shows up everywhere.

People often lose trust in themselves in no small part due to the layers of conditioning we’re exposed to every day. We often promise ourselves things that we haven’t, or couldn’t, follow up on. So, when we try to make that change, there’s that voice in the back of our head reminding us we can’t, or won’t, do it. Traci reminds us that people don’t want bulletproof. Humans don’t connect with perfect. Imperfection makes us approachable.

Finally, Traci shares with us three actionable steps we can take to rewire those negative thoughts and rescript our brain:

  1. Pay attention to your language patterns. Avoid words like “just,” as they diminish the importance of what you’re talking about. Try to step away from telling yourself what you haven’t done already.

  2. Honor yourself! Take the time to put ‘you’ first. Monitor how you prioritize things. Remember, you can’t help others if you aren’t helping yourself.

  3. Get used to asking for support. We’re often keen on offering support endlessly but can limit ourselves from getting the same help. Communicate with yourself and communicate with those around you.

What you’ll learn in this podcast

Traci helps elucidate the limiting beliefs we may run into in our day-to-day lives. She points out how our language can be a window into the script that is constantly running through our brains. More importantly, Traci offers solutions that we can apply practically to help rewire and improve the way we think about ourselves.

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