3 Tips to Finally Make that Scary Leap

Is it time for a major uplevel in your life?  If you’re feeling called to do something big, then you’re also likely feeling scared of failing.  Our deepest fears have a funny way of poking their heads out of hibernation when we decide to uplevel. 

Does this voice sound familiar?? 

“Hey, you - did I really hear that you’re wanting to leave your job and start a coaching business? Seriously? What a terrible idea!  Remember the last time you tried to do this? You ended up shivering in a corner sucking your thumb… worse than a contestant on Naked and Afraid.  You should just keep doing what you’re doing. At least you won’t humiliate yourself.”  

Yikes!  Even though we know this voice is total crap, it can still talk us out of going for our destiny and keep us living in excuse-land. 

This is such a shame and waste of energy, and I’m committed to helping you act in spite of this fear and learn how to tell it where to go. 

Here’s how I successfully manage my emotions and go for BIG uplevels despite my fears:

  1. Know what your options are 

  2. Pay attention to your body (this one has changed my life!)

  3. Don’t take it all so seriously 

Watch today’s video to find out more about each of these tips and how to use them to confidently step up to your next level!

Elyse Archer