Loycent Gordon

My name is Loycent Gordon and I am veteran in the fire service and I also own a historic local business. Now I wanted for years and years all of the stuff that I've been through everything that I experienced results I've gotten or believe I've gotten I figured there's got to be a way I can kind of synthesize all of this stuff and maybe create something I can give back to people. I looked around and the only company that I really saw that delivers something like this was Brand Builders Group. And I'm just very excited about the whole experience. The biggest benefit I've gotten with Brand Builders Group is collaborative working relationships. it was just me coming up with all of the answers because it was great it was like almost like a mirror talking back to me and the experience was just eye-opening because they was able to see something that i wasn't able to see and it's like almost like that blind spot and they was able to actually see all of these things 360 of me and able to say okay I see what you've been doing and I know how I could repeat it back to you in a way you can understand your uniqueness.

Alberto Sardinas

Hi, my name is Alberto Salinas I'm a Spanish-language radio and TV host in Miami Florida, and I've decided to reach out to Elyse because I started developing for the first time an English-language platform. And I wanted to really find the right focus the right content and the right target. And working with them has been instrumental in that process. It's like taking a big shortcut in terms of asking the right questions. It's always an opportunity to make it better to improve it to narrow focus your content. So I'm very grateful for the work I did with them I am very, very happy with the results, and of course I'm looking forward to implementing all of this into my new platform. At the same time if you're currently considering working with Brand Builders Group I highly recommend it and I encourage you to reach out, ask all your questions, take the time to get to know them, and you will be so happy you did!


Abby Vick

My name is Abby Vick. I'm in Phoenix Arizona, and I'm an investment advisor representative. I worked with Brand Builders Group because I really needed to focus in my business. It was so helpful to have an outside perspective that I can bounce ideas off of and get some more outside information on how can I portray myself as a financial advisor without sounding too stuffy, without sounding too buttoned up and professional. The biggest benefit working with Brand Builders Group is that I have a consistent message. It was really important to me to show people that I'm about something that's impactful and meaningful. To someone who's considering working with Brand Builders Group I would say it is worth the time away from your desk to invest in your positive future, your positive momentum as an organization or as a person. And that it's an immersive experience it's a learning experience learning about yourself learning about what you really want for your future and how can you see yourself getting there.

Abby Vick

Caitlin Winkley

My name is Caitlin Winkley I am the creator of Free to Shine Peak Performance Coaching. The reason I decided to work with Brand Builders Group is because I was finding myself at a major stage of growth within my business and I needed help transitioning from where I was within my current business to where I wanted to take my business in the future and I needed somebody to come in and guide me through that process. To anybody who is considering working with Brand Builders Group that they should absolutely do it. I feel like it was such a worthy investment. I got so much information out of it it actually exceeded my expectations. I knew it was gonna be amazing and I got so much more out of it than I had even anticipated. The clarity the practical steps, the roadmap it was just really amazing to have a second set of eyes come in and reflect back to me who I am, what my strengths are, and how to make those next steps that I've been wanting to make.